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I wish there was a way to tell my dad exactly how I feel with out him making up some fucking excuse! Please just shut up and listen! I'm not sorry you weren't fucking there for me my entire fucking life! Fuck you! I'm done pretending like you're the dad I always needed when you were never there! I will never want to talk and I am never going to forgive you. THE END

New car

I just got a new 2010 Ford Focus. It's black. I'm in love with it. <3 Yes I am. :)
I really don't appreciate people who jump to conclusions about someone else's life with out fully understanding the issue that one is going through. Nothing to do with me. Just an observation.

I want a cigarette. :)

Girls just wanna have fun..

I just met Cindy Lauper... She's kind of a bitch.

But super hot for being like 60 something. Good for her.


Shoot myself for offering to work back to back shifts... fml... I wanna sleep soooo bad..

On the flip side... I have the PM off...

I wanna hug... :( lol

Teiam- Problem Solved

I haven't written in this thing for what seems like forever now. I was having a really good day until some crap I just ran into. But I'm going to assume it's a misunderstanding.

Just bought me a new pool table and a foosball table. Along with a long night of Margritas and a fire pit in the back yard it was a damn good night.

Felicia just got a pit bull and as scared as I am of pits. I'm kind of in love with Capone. Does't help that he was named after an American Gangster.

My brother graduated from the Navy and I am extremely close to graduating,too. I miss Jesse like hell. He is doing well in Charleston though.

David and I are still together. :) going on 5 years. Yikes.

Back to work. I'm tired. Can't wait to get home, go to the gym, play call of duty, and sleep. :)

Tanae is resorting to ballerinism. Cause I won't go ghost hunting with her :/ lol- and NO. you can't have workmans comp. :)


Four days until another semister of school. I'm still kicking my self for the C I made in Cultural Studies because I didn't finish the final.

F cultural studies... and it's mother. That class was a cake walk. I just fucked it up.

Bio, Algebra, Microecon, something else. But I'm close to being done @ CNM and on my way to UNM again. Yikes. I didn't like it when I first started going to collage and I'm sure I won't like it now. However I will be ahead of all the other business students who are attending Anderson for the first time so that's a plus.

Happy new years everyone. 2010. Wow.

I'm happy I got to keep my house. Found two new roomates who are actually two girls I work with. Sweet.

The M word has been coming up quite often between Dave and I. We have almost been together 4 years. Damn.

Got the new Super Mario game for the Wii. I'm cooler then you. ;)

I'm gonna go home sick today. As a matter of fact I think I'm leavin now. :)

No matter how many steps

I'm gonna be a famous photographer/designer someday.

watch me... :P

The things we do


My dad... What?

I wake up this morning to two phone calls from none other then my Father... : / First one says, " I'm at Grandpa's house. I'll call you back with my new cell phone number. Love you Bye."
The second one says My number is (505) ***-****.Call me and we will get together.
(505)? Wait what?

Come again?

My dad moved to Gallup. Just like him to just up and surprise me. Not only that but I found out he has been at Grandpa's for over three days and couldn't even pick up the phone and say hey come to grandpa's.

Also I have lived more then 15 hours away from my dad ever since I was 2. And NOW he decided to come move close enough to me so I can drive to him in 2 hours? I don't get it.

No phone calls. No birthday presents. No christmas presents... Over two years. And he decided it's okay to just move here? WTF!

Then I start to comfront him on the phone saying that I was hurt with him and he pulls this "Woman are from Venus, Men are from Mars" Bull shit out of his ass responding with, "I understand why you would be upset Manda."


I'm really happy. But Sooooo mad at the same time. Why now? It's not gonna change shit about the way I think about him as a person.